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Wrap Platters - Catering
White Post Farms

Large Wrap Platter


Choose up to 3 different wraps. Platters are whole wheat & plain wraps. (Serves 20-24)

-White Post-Grilled chicken, blue cheese, baby greens, beefsteak tomatoes, glazed walnuts, dried cranberries, vidalia onion peppercorn dressing.
-Roasted Red Pepper Caprese- Fresh grilled red peppers, beefsteak tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, baby greens, roasted red pepper hummus.
-Buffalo Chicken- Spicy fried chicken, aged blue cheese, beefsteak tomatoes, fried onions, shredded iceberg lettuce, ranch dressing.
-Chicken Caesar- Chopped romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, aged parmesan cheese, housemate caesar dressing.
-Greek Salad- Chopped White Post lettuce blend, red onions imported feta cheese, chopped cucumbers, chopped beefsteak tomatoes, imported pepeproncini, sliced black olives, housemate greek dressing.
-Grilled Chicken Mozzarella- Grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, baby greens, roasted red peppers, vidalia peppercorn dressing.
-Grilled Vegetable- Grilled zucchini , portobello mushrooms, red peppers, fresh mozzarella, baby greens, balsamic glaze.
-Turkey BLT- Sliced turkey, crispy bacon, beefsteak tomatoes, baby greens, housemate BLT dressing.
-Rotisserie Chicken Salad- With roasted red peppers, chopped celery, Long Island Honey, shaved iceberg lettuce.
-Southwest-Grilled chicken, avocado, shredded cheddar cheese, baby greens, housemade salsa, lime cilantro dressing.
-Braised Roast Beef-Rare roast beef, pepper jack cheese, shaved iceberg lettuce, housemade horseradish dressing.
-Italian-Genoa salami, imported ham, imported pepperoni, provolone cheese, baby greens, housemade Italian dressing.
-Tuna Salad-Housemate tuna salad, shaved iceberg lettuce.

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